Why is Biscotti Goddess biscotti better than the rest?  Simple.  Taste and texture. 




Have you ever had a piece of biscotti and not sure what flavor it was?  Was it almond or hazelnut?  In order to find out you have to look at the bag it came in.  That is not Biscotti Goddess biscotti.  When you bite into one of our biscotti, you will know the flavor without doubt.  Whether you like anise, cherries or lemon - we have a flavor for you.



Traditional biscotti is hard - "tooth chipping" hard.  In order to eat the cookie, you have to dip in coffee.That is not Biscotti Goddess biscotti.  While there is crunch and you can dip if you want to, you just don't have to dunk.  Some describe our cookies as "crunchy cake."  You can enjoy with your coffee but it also goes great with wine, glass of milk or as a snack on its own.


That is why we say our biscotti is "Not too hard. Not too soft. Just Perfect!"