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Today is the National Biscotti Day!

Sep 28, 2014 10:32:23 PM

Only on September 29, 2014, we are offering retail customers:


- 3 free sticks of biscotti with every order.  If you order regular biscotti, you get 3 regular biscotti, gluten-free orders get 3 free gluten-free biscotti.  Yes, if you order seasonal biscotti, you will get 3 free seasonal flavors.  Only 3 free biscotti per order. But we are not done...

- If you like the National Biscotti Day page on Facebook, you will be entered for drawing for a gift box of Vanilla Almond, Vanilla Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Gluten-free Vanilla Almond or Gluten-free Vanilla Dipped in Dark Chocolate. Just post on the page which one you want (only 1 gift box per like).

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Our Birthday

Sep 11, 2014 7:38:40 AM

September 11, 2001 is also the same day Biscotti Goddess launched. Instead of celebrating our birthday, we prefer to reflect on the loss and the strength of our great country. We will celebrate our birthday on September 29th - National Biscotti Day.
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When does the Fall season start?

Aug 15, 2014 8:19:12 AM

So Starbucks announced its Pumpkin Spice Latte will return early starting Aug. 25. Guess that is okay. Our Pumpkin Spice biscotti, along with all our other seasonal flavors, will be available September 1 as usual. http://biscotti-goddess.com/seasonal.html
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We are conducting a Facebook poll to get your thoughts about gluten-free foods. Take the poll and be entered into a drawing for some free biscotti!


Click here for the Facebook Poll 

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We won't follow Hershey's lead!

Jul 16, 2014 6:29:37 AM

So yesterday Hershey's announced an average 8% price hike for its chocolate products due to an increase in the price of cocoa. Biscotti Goddess has no plans to follow their lead and our prices will remain the same. In fact, we haven't raised the prices of the majority of our traditional flavors of biscotti in 5 years! And, by the way, during that time, we increased the stick size 33%.


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Does amount of sleep determine the coffee cup size or does the coffee cup size determine the amount of sleep? What do you think?





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Kosher Biscotti

Jun 30, 2014 11:39:39 AM

Got this Google alert today: "Hanukkah 2013 Gift Box Biscotti Cookie W Dark Chocolate" Ignoring the fact that it is now 2014 and Hanukkah is not until December, I took a look at the biscotti. While it looks tasty, I was really surprised to not see any reference to Kosher certification. It may be - just no mention of it. Our biscotti is certified Kosher Dairy by Vaad Hakashrus of Tidewater which is considered a reliable symbol by the cRc. Check back in October to see our Hanukkah gift box!


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We received a question from a customer about why vanilla extract is 35% alcohol and I thought I would share what I learned about vanilla production. We use pure vanilla extract to make the biscotti and the FDA has a requirement that “In vanilla extract the content of ethyl alcohol is not less than 35 percent by volume” I am not a food scientist but did some research to see how much alcohol is left after baking and here is what I found: Does the alcohol remain in your baked goods? And the answer here is, most often - No. And any that does is fractional to the original amount….The boiling temperature of ethyl alcohol is 173 degrees F at sea level. Consider that those cookies or the cake you baked at 325 or 350 F is nearly twice the boiling temperature of alcohol. (http://lagrima.com/blogs/news/10179737-is-there-alcohol-left-after-i-bake-with-vanilla-extract) Biscotti is a very dry cookie so the chance of alcohol to remain in the cookie is slight but I cannot guarantee there is none. I will say we cook our cookies at temps well above the boiling point of the alcohol for almost an hour. There are alcohol-free vanillas on the market. However, one of the first steps in making vanilla to be sold as either with or without alcohol, is the extraction of the vanilla flavor using alcohol. To market the vanilla extract as alcohol-free, glycerin is added. (Not sure how they get rid of the alcohol from the first step.) From what I could find on the Internet, the glycerin pretty much wipes out the vanilla aroma. So are the only choices - use pure vanilla extract with alcohol or use imitation vanilla without alcohol? What do you prefer?
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Recycle your old coffee grounds

Apr 1, 2014 9:22:42 AM

Since leftover biscotti is never, ever a problem, we thought you might find this TOH article on uses for old coffee grounds helpful.

10 Uses for Coffee Grounds

  • coffee cup and coffee grounds

    What this Brew Leftover Can Do

    Once you've brewed your morning cup of joe, perk up around-the-house tasks with this surprisingly versatile leftover

  • smelly fridge

    1. Deodorize Your Fridge

    Place a bowl of dry grounds in your refrigerator or freezer to neutralize odors left by stale or spoiled food.

  • person scrubbing a dirty pan at the kitchen sink

    2. Clean Tools and Dishware

    Place a few teaspoons of grounds on a thin cleaning rag and use to scour away grease and grime. Finish with a thorough rinsing.

  • woman hiding furniture scratches with a cotton swab and leftover coffee grounds

    3. Hide Furniture Scratches

    Dip a cotton swab into steeped grounds and dab on scratches in dark wood furniture to minimize them. Just test in an inconspicuous area first.

  • woman dyeing paper stationary with old coffee grounds and water

    4. Give Paper an Antique Look

    Dip paper or sheets of stationery in a soupy mix of grounds and water; allow them to sit a minute or two, then let dry and brush off the grounds.

  • plants and shrubs in yard

    5. Repel Insects

    Mound grounds into a ring to create a protective border around plants that will ward off ants and slugs.

  • blue hydrangea

    6. Grow Blue Hydrangeas

    Work grounds into the soil at the base of mophead hydrangeas to increase the acidity level. This helps the shrubs absorb aluminum, which you can add to the soil to keep the flowers a vibrant blue.

  • ashes from fire

    7. Contain Ashes

    Sprinkle damp grounds on fireplace ashes to cut down on airborne dust as you sweep them up.

  • person washing hands

    8. Scrub Hands

    Rub a scoop of grounds between palms as an exfoliant to remove dead skin and help eliminate smells from foods like fish and garlic.

  • dead cockroach

    9. Make a Cockroach Trap

    Fill a can or jar with an inch or two of moistened coffee grounds, then line the container's neck with extra-sticky double-sided tape. The scent will draw the roaches into the trap.

  • person putting coffee grounds into plant soil

    10. Fortify Plants

    Give seedlings a nitrogen boost by stirring grounds into soil or a watering can.

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Biscotti with your beer?

Mar 6, 2014 8:39:26 PM

We know from customer feedback (and our experience) that flavors of our biscotti pair nicely with different beverages and some of our favorites are:


  • Orange Cranberry and white wine
  • Double Chocolate with red wine
  • Cherry Chocolate Chip with a glass of milk at bedtime


We often get asked which biscotti goes with beer and our usual response is skip the biscotti and grab a pretzel.  However, we decided to do a little research and see what flavor biscotti does would go with beer.  Surprisingly there is a beer-focused website, Draft Magazine, that did the work for us with a little adaptation.  The link is http://draftmag.com/features/pairs-beer-cookies/.  Here is what they recommend


Pumpkin coookie + Evolution Jacques Au Lantern:  (From September though January we offer a Pumpkin Spice biscotti)

Pumpkin cookie and pumpkin beer? Seems like a no-brainer. But what works so well with this particular duo is the way the cookie’s one-note sweet pumpkin flavor bathes in spicy nutmeg and cinnamon bubbles, taking the beer and the cookie to new heights. 


Double Chocolate Chip & Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout (Double Chocolate biscotti)
Milk and cookies: They’re a natural pair. This silky milk stout’s chocolate-coffee notes merge with this gooey cookie, boosting the already extreme chocolate flavor. While sweetness takes hold, the beer’s slightly tart, sweet milk flavor joins with gentle roasted bitterness to cut through the chocolate. Not aggressively hoppy or carbonated, this brew leaves behind just enough chocolate sweetness to create a rich take on a classic pairing. ALSO TRY: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout. 


Send us any of your flavor pairing ideas and we will happily research them.


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