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About Biscotti Goddess


If you've tried biscotti before, you’ve no doubt had mixed experiences. That’s because not all biscotti are created equally. The truth is, there are many different recipes, resulting in as many different flavors and textures. At Biscotti Goddess, we begin with an all butter recipe, which results in a crunchy and flavorful cookie. The flavoring ingredients we then add to the basic recipe give each variety a delicious twist. We use generous amounts of toasted nuts, chocolate chips, citrus zest, essential oils and premium dried fruits to give each flavor a unique and distinctive taste.

All of our biscotti are mixed in small batches and the loaves are shaped by hand. After baking, we slice each loaf by hand into individual sticks, which are then returned to the oven for a second baking. Due to the amount of hand work involved in our baking process, you’ll no doubt notice some variation in stick sizing. Each stick is then individually wrapped for freshness and flavor retention. Because of their low moisture content, our biscotti have a 9 month shelf life. Just keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight, and they will maintain freshness for weeks. Keep them in their wrappers in an airtight container or bag -- there’s no need to refrigerate or freeze them. If biscotti lose their crispness, simply toast in a 250 degree oven for a few minutes.

 In February of 2011, Wheeler Wood purchased the Biscotti Goddess which began in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2001 by a local caterer supplying local wholesale accounts (gift and gourmet shops, coffee houses, etc) who desired premium biscotti. Wheeler bought the company from Jan DeFalco, who in the fall of 2007, fulfilled her life-long love of baking and moved the Biscotti Goddess to Richmond, Virginia.  Wheeler and his team continue to provide the same great flavors and excellent customer service as well as introduce new biscotti products. 

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All our biscotti is certified Kosher Dairy and has a 9 month shelf life.

For a historical perspective on biscotti, we recommend you visit wikipedia.